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How to install MPerfs Tools ?


MPerfs is a tool with 2 parts (sql part and web part). SQLServer Client have to be installed to the host where apache wil be setted.

SQL Source Code Installation

You can create a database and execute manually the following sql scripts
Or use powershell script 'installMPerfs.ps1' without parameters to show usage informations
This script works with powershell V2.

The following sql scripts (in this order) will create all the necessary objects :
  • cr_tables.sql
  • ins_delMetrics.sql
  • cr_indexes.sql
  • cr_views.sql
  • cr_sp_delMetricHistorics.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricDBStats.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricExec.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricIndexStats.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricLach.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricLocks.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricObjStats.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricsExecCache.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricsOS.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricsOSScheduler.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricsPerfs.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricsPerfsCounters.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricSpinlock.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricsSRV.sql
  • cr_sp_getMetricTransaction.sql
  • cr_job_GetMetric_1min.sql
  • cr_job_GetMetric_5mins.sql
  • cr_job_GetMetric_day.sql

Web Site Installation

You have to install an apache server with php like that :
  • Apache 2.* with GD, JSON modules
  • PHP 5.3.*
    • Parameters to change in php.ini file
      • odbc.defaultlrl = 65536
      • error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

If you can't install an apache server, you can download a portable apache server and install it into wath drive you want and usb key is possible.
That's work fine with xampp portable app (
Just remember to modify php parameters as below.

For information, i have tested with WAMPSERVER (Version 2.2) and it works fine with it (caution: you might have to switch off the wampserver PHP setting "display errors").

After database, objects and requirements have been installed, you just have to unzip the archive file in the "www" or "htdocs" directory of your apache installation into MPerfs folder for exemple and that should work !!!!
You can access to http://youhostwhereapache_is/MPerfs/index.php.

I you have some problems, write a comment in discussion tag.

Good tuning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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