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For the moment, the database have to be installed on each MSSQL Server to monitor. But, during a next release, MPerfs could centralized historical DMVs datas on a MSSQL Server other than the MSSQL to monitor. That could permit to centralize the DMV Data's collection of all yours MSSQL servers.

MPerfs Archive Database is composed :

Archive Tables
  • Named "InstanceName_CounterName"
  • Contained historicals Datas of DMVs
  • By default, 30-days of historics (managable in InstanceName_Delmetrics table)

Temporary Tables (Temp_CounterName)
  • Used to manage differential data between 2 times of data collections.

Stored Procedures
  • To manage historization, aggregates and differentials
  • sp_delMetricHistorics : To delete old historical datas

3 MSSQL Jobs
  • For scheduling

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